Essay-Documentary, 11min04, August 2019, NYC
Dir: Andriana Lagoudes, Ibrahim Cissé

Can you introduce myself? from Andriana Lagoudes on Vimeo.

Can you introduce myself? is a visual essay that came out of an encounter between Andriana Lagoudes and Ibrahim Cissé. The pair spontaneously addressed the potential for post-nation states to be a potent answer for a sustainable collective future by questioning the brief at the root.

Can a revolution take place if it does not start with the self? Who is the self? Can we learn about it through others? How much do we understand it? And how much do we actually really understand each other? These questions led to more, and escalated to highlight the fundamental and urgent issue of global governance and mass movements. Wandering in the streets of New-York City, Andriana and Ibrahim weaved their daily visual and sonic findings and edited the reflections that stemmed out of it into a collage. The result is an 11 minutes stream of thoughts, flowing from the river to the ocean, a film showcasing moments of doubts and clarity, two opposing languages attempting to find peace and at last, a glimpse of surrender.

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