Νιώσε Άβολα (feel uncomfortable )

You Sound Like your Mother, Journal Design

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CAN YOU INTRODUCE MYSELF?, Experimental Documentary

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Down To Your Rawness, Conceptual Menswear Collection


Essay-Documentary, 11min04, August 2019, NYC
Dir: Andriana Lagoudes, Ibrahim Cissé

Can you introduce myself? from Andriana Lagoudes on Vimeo.

Can you introduce myself? is a visual essay that came out of an encounter between Andriana Lagoudes and Ibrahim Cissé. The pair spontaneously addressed the potential for post-nation states to be a potent answer for a sustainable collective future by questioning the brief at the root.

Can a revolution take place if it does not start with the self? Who is the self? Can we learn about it through others? How much do we understand it? And how much do we actually really understand each other? These questions led to more, and escalated to highlight the fundamental and urgent issue of global governance and mass movements. Wandering in the streets of New-York City, Andriana and Ibrahim weaved their daily visual and sonic findings and edited the reflections that stemmed out of it into a collage. The result is an 11 minutes stream of thoughts, flowing from the river to the ocean, a film showcasing moments of doubts and clarity, two opposing languages attempting to find peace and at last, a glimpse of surrender.

stills from film
Νιώσε Άβολα (Get uncomfortable) Film, March 2020

A film of thoughts and visual experiments.

Nicosia,Cyprus, Spring 2020.

This film was created by Andriana during the first lockdown beginning in March 2020. In her battle with productivity at a time where the world was at a halt she decided to go for a walk with her camera everyday between 5 - 7 pm. This was to stay sane within her own rhythm of life, to document what daily life looks like in the neighborhood she grew up in and most importantly to strengthen her creative discipline.

Reflecting back on the process she undertook she came to the realisation that her creative discipline was never the thing that was in question. What seems most important today was the making space for her own creative language to come through. To come forward, get nurtured and become something. Away from worrying about the future, ownership and identity of the finished product and fully immersed into a state of experimenting and failing.

This film is a series of experiments. Daily experiments. With a voice over of what seemed important in her stream of thought at the time. And even though she doesn’t feel like the same person she was when she finished this film anymore nor does she agree with the text in full, she now recognises this as a reference point which is a liberating act in itself.

A reference point of her own dedication to her craft, her own timeline, struggle and history. And by recognising that this seed has been planted she is now in the process of growth. To progress onwards to the next steps of “Feeling Uncomfortable ” with others and for others. But most importantly in greater alignment with herself and her creative language.

Video Stills:

Down to your Rawness

Philosophical Concept Development, Menswear Collection, September 2016 - June 2017, Brighton
Designer & Creative Director: Andriana Lagoudes

Statement of Intent. June 2017

An evolution from the physical hardships of the everyday, to the moment in time where fundamental needs are being addressed and understood. The collection is attempting to depict the journey of a resourceful man who is working his way through life, from a reference of field workers, to understand his rawest personal needs to reach an enlightened state, inspired by the lives of Tibetan Buddhist monks.

A functionally modest approach is the essence of the collection, reflected by the simplicity of workwear garments from the aspects of both humble peasant wear and serene nomadic monk clothing.

Down to Your Rawness depicts the enlightenment of man through rehearsal of the self in everyday activities.

Lacking in weight, layering and functionality the purpose of the outfits is instead found internally, allowing the corresponding garments to be free from physical obligations and embracing of new ideas of contentment and self-acceptance. The comfortability provided by workwear is authentically represented throughout the collection.

From utility workwear to basic undergarments, the collection is expressing a humble idiom in the language of urban clothing. An interesting mixture of unconventional plastics with beautiful satins, highlight the romanticism of how crude allotments may look in contrast to what they represent.

The exploration of tent fabrics, vegetable sacks, rusted samples and second-hand plastics work towards depicting the resourcefulness required by the man of this collection. As the evolution of the collection develops, simple pieces mature with the inclusion of intricate details. A closer look into allotments, through the medium of photography puts emphasis on the textural approach translated in fabric qualities and enriched fastening details – a reminder that everything stems from primary rawness. Fastenings found in allotments inspire the development of signature detailing of the collection which are translated into fastening, cuffs and belts.

This menswear collection intends to relieve the wearer from narratives that are not his.


Now for a clearer view of the technical side of the collection:

And now all the preparatory research and development work, divided in different parts of the process below, that had to happen in order to conclude to the final garments, outfits and creative direction above.

1. The Photobook: A close look at allotments to study structures, connections & fastenings.

2. The moodboards and the development: visually, texturally & conceptually 

Who am I without the context of my identities.
I came to connect
and leave

Life is not about me
But what has been before me

What prevails
And what keeps on without me.

I am an etherical creature
younger than the rocks that define me. 

Bow down.

3. Design Development: Defining shapes and forms. Gravity speaks.

4. Design Details: Pulling from research, informing the design

And I still wonder if I’m aware.

I worked on this to find purpose for a whole year.
Looking back it feels insignificant.

Can I detatch my ego from my own creations? 

Do you see me when you are looking through my work?

Was it ever about me? Or about you?
Or did we just keep getting confused?

In a mary go round that goes round and round
I chase my tail and what I lost I found.

New meanings, new creations and my long forgotten nations.

I divide and conquer less
and I brave my heart’s conquest.

I do this work to do the same. As I did 3 years ago.

Looking through my raw and mushy
vulnerable and fleshy stock.

It still hurts to do the work
but this is the doom I sign up for.

I won’t be passive and you shouldn’t either. 

Let’s initiate the work.

Thank you for spending the time to look through my work. I hope some aspect of it resonated.
And if it didn’t that’s still ok.








University of The Underground ' Post-Nation States ' Critical Design Course, New York/   Co-directed film ' Can you introduce myself' in response to the brief. Certified critical designer

Drii - 'Alien' Single Track release /    Concept Designer

South London Gallery with Panicattack-duo performance duet for 'Nothing Really Mattress' /     Invited to discuss the impact of the arts in society, education systems and policy

Newham Word Festival & Raw Labs for Bow Arts, ' Deconstructing National Identity ' /     Workshop developer and facilitator


OWK zine issue 9, Front and Back Cover Storytelling      / Images and photography to form the analysis of ' Engaged objectivity of streetlife mobility'

Kimera Collective, Mainesthai Exhibition / Guest Exhibitor

Conceptual Photo-Series, 'Raw Power on the Go' /Concept Developer and Photographer

Haute Culture Fashion Blog and Tours empowering indigenous tribes globally   / Researcher, Writer and Admin assistant

Sans Soucis Music     /Art Director, Concept & Brand Developer

Brenda Magazine     / Featured writing and documentation of life

Kaltblut Magazine, Berlin     / Featured article on 'Down to your Rawness' fashion collection


Barcelona Fashion Week 080 Moda: Best Emerging Designer Award for Blame Label 080 blame label     / Design Assistant


Imbroglio exhibition, Nicosia Cyprus /Contributing work with Stelios Tzivas. The work responds to the personal affiliation of the people of Cyprus towards their football teams and what that means for to the polarisation of society.



Authors Of the Estate / The Documentary Trailer from Andriana Lagoudes on Vimeo.

Freedom and Balance Authors of the Estate / The Documentary / Director and Editor

Material Bodies Trailer from Dorothy Allen-Pickard on Vimeo.

Material Bodies / Production Assistant

I, Tony / Art Director and Wardrobe Designer


Mosquito | Short Film | 2019. from Mimi Koku on Vimeo.

Kevin Media UK, 'Mosquito' short horror film / Art Director

London Queer Fashion Week 2019 / Photography Documenter

Joviale - ' Ride Away' Music video - Documentary director of behind the scenes video

Relevant Artists ' Breaking Points' fashion film / Director, Producer and Editor

Be the Art you want to see in the world photography concept series     / Concept Developer & Documenter

Dana Buckard 'True' music video      / Editor

Relevant Artists,  Spring-Summer 2019 'Silver Rose' Collection Lookbook     /     Photographer

Cause and Effect Magazine, 2nd Issue Mag Launch      / Event Documenter


Joon Switon, 'The Wind Cries Mary' song release     / Filmmaker & Editor

Into the Limbo Festival, 2018 festival promo video     / Documentary Director and editor

Silver Daze Productions Documentary,     ' I,Tony '     / Poster photographer and Art Director

The Man and the Lake, 'Get Away' live performance video / Camera operator

Marios Miltiadous, acclaimed choreographer of 'House of Drama', Press photoshoot wearing Efieri/ Documenter and Concept Developer


Kompany DMC, Lidl cooking recipe advert / Art Director


Traphouse CY, 'To Dynato' music video/ Art Director and production designer

Kika Ioannidou, Kiki by the sea capsule collection / Photographer

Blackcut Productions, 'Φarma Projekt II 2014' short film / Wardrobe exec and Production assistant  

Cyprus Refugee Council workshop as part of the #Bemyvoice UNHCR campaign. Created Tapestries of future visions with refugee women.

Goethe Institut, Social Sculptures Program inspired by the work of Joseph Bueys. Delivered a Love Letters workshop with the Social Club Cyprus team.

University of the Underground Research bureau workshop: Deconstructing the interview


Samsung 'Not a School' / Course Mentor & Facilitator for running of the whole programme

London College of Fashion - Creative Direction and Fashion Film /     Visiting Lecturer

Camp Bestival, Make & Craft Space / Workshop Facilitator

Girls in Film sponsored by Converse, Croydon / Workshop assisting


Camp Bestival, Make & Craft Space / Workshop Facilitator


Women's Prize for fiction by Natwest in Wolverhampton, Grrrl Zine fair workshop / Workshop facilitator

Art Hub Visual Laboratories, Nicosia, Pattern Cutting and Recycling Workshops / Educator and Facilitator

This is Motivw, Political Interruption workshop in Nicosia/ Military uniform upcycling facilitator


Allospos alternative education community project in rural Cyprus / Producer


Xarkis Festival, Socially Useful Design: A Systemic Approach to Design/ Guest Speaker and Facilitator

So what am I trying to do?

Design inclusive systems for sidelined people to unlearn their shame.

Why do I do it?

We live in a time where conditions of social injustices are hitting a critical mark. The global crisis is not a myth and I decided to hold myself accountable. Therefore I am choosing to put ethics at the forefront of my compass and start taking a political and critical stance. As a designer I am trained to put strategy before problem solving. My life has always been a continuous think tank in an attempt to create long lasting solutions.

How do I do this?

By navigating and researching through complex political problems to design new code based on people’s best case scenario.

And by using my creative fingerprint which has been trained by:

Studying fashion design at the University of Brighton, my work as an Art Director in the fashion, music and film industry my work as a camera based professional as a photographer, director and editor facilitating and running workshops for the past 5 years.

By using the way I see the world alongside all these creative tools I simplify my visual language to amplify meanings carried by whatever project I’m working on.

And all of this just to trigger epiphanies in people’s consciousness about the power of their own agency, their accountability and their ability to applying pressure & redesign a world that they want to partake in.

Basically in am writing new code for what community means to me.

At the moment I ... working on a documentary. organising locally in my hometown, Nicosia. a founding member of faculty at Freedom and Balance; an art College for the artist in everyone

... am a lead course mentor for Samsung UK alternative education programme ‘Not a School’

... am working on scripts

... doing my best to shift narratives from new normals to best case scenarions.

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